I Have No Friends

I live with seven other girls. I like to think we all get along, like one BIG happy family. Sure, we have our tiffs like when other people’s food mysteriously goes missing, or the stench of a mouse cage from a certain someone’s room invades the entire house. However, all of that is just water under the bridge and my main point is that we all get along. With that said, I began to ponder if our zodiac signs are also compatible with one another.

The combination of zodiac signs of my roommates are; two Cancers, two Scorpios, two Taurus, one Virgo and one lonesome Sagittarius (me).

As I read through each description of every sign (yeah, I know I need a life) it became apparent to me that they each suit their sign very well. For Taurus two traits were listed; stubbornness and like to be touched. I cannot think of any better characteristics to describe my two Taurus roommates. One of them thoroughly enjoys cuddling, holding hands, and foot high-fives, which I admit at times makes me uncomfortable. As for the other Taurus stubborn might as well be her middle name because she will do exactly what she wants.

As for my Cancer roommates they share the common bond of being sensitive (didn’t need an astrologer to tell me that one). However I must admit that with one being born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini they do possess a lot more Gemini traits than Cancer.

My lone Virgo roommate seems to be plagued with the trait of having a difficult time shaking off illnesses. This actually makes a lot of sense, seeing my roommate has had everything from gingivitis to pneumonia and has a file at health services thicker than a dictionary. Sorry Kitty, it’s your sign’s fault.

Lastly my Scorpio amigos both share the trait of striving for excellence. I really cannot think of two people who enjoy school more or work harder. I mean one was recently crowned “Queen of the Library”. My roommates may have been the ones to christen her that, but it is still a huge honor nonetheless.

As I read about each sign I noticed that listed under their compatible signs Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, and Taurus were always listed, but not Sagittarius. How pecular… Then when I read mine none of their signs were listed either. All of a sudden it dawned on me all those so – called “jokes” they play or the game “Kill Caitlyn” is not out of good clean fun, it’s because they are astrologically predetermined to not like me!

With that said, I am currently looking for a new place to live preferably with a Leo, Libra or Aries.


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  1. A fun entry with lots of potential. This could be seven posts…a post for each roommate.

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