Peace Out Girl Scout

Au revoir. Auf Wiedersehen. Adios Amigos. Ta ta. Hasta la vista baby.  However you would like to phrase it, it is still goodbye nonetheless.

This blogging experience has not only allowed myself to express to the world just how “quirky” I am (although most people use the term weird when describing me) but it also gave me the chance to share my abundance of knowledge I have about astrology – and people said it was useless information… pshh…

In true Sagittarian fashion when I first received this assignment I moaned and groaned simply because it was more schoolwork, and work and Sagittarians simply do not get along. However, as I began to blog, it became apparent to me that I didn’t mind this homework at all. It allowed me to write exactly what I thought while using the excuse “can’t help it, it’s my sign”. I found it fun to write and believe it has even improved it.

Over the past couple months this experience has not only served as an outlet for me to write my bizarre thoughts, it also has changed my perspective on blogging altogether. I must admit previously to this assignment I thought blogging was pointless. Now however, I am contemplating still keeping a blog but allowing all my Sagittarian quirks to shine.


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