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Peace Out Girl Scout
April 28, 2010

Au revoir. Auf Wiedersehen. Adios Amigos. Ta ta. Hasta la vista baby.  However you would like to phrase it, it is still goodbye nonetheless.

This blogging experience has not only allowed myself to express to the world just how “quirky” I am (although most people use the term weird when describing me) but it also gave me the chance to share my abundance of knowledge I have about astrology – and people said it was useless information… pshh…

In true Sagittarian fashion when I first received this assignment I moaned and groaned simply because it was more schoolwork, and work and Sagittarians simply do not get along. However, as I began to blog, it became apparent to me that I didn’t mind this homework at all. It allowed me to write exactly what I thought while using the excuse “can’t help it, it’s my sign”. I found it fun to write and believe it has even improved it.

Over the past couple months this experience has not only served as an outlet for me to write my bizarre thoughts, it also has changed my perspective on blogging altogether. I must admit previously to this assignment I thought blogging was pointless. Now however, I am contemplating still keeping a blog but allowing all my Sagittarian quirks to shine.


The Horoscope Song
April 27, 2010

I found this video on and thought it was not only relevant to my blog but also kind of amusing. Enjoy!

The Retrograde of Mercury
April 27, 2010

Alert! Alert! It has come to my attention that the planet Mercury has gone retrograde. This occurrence only happens three times a year and lasts for approximately three weeks. So, what exactly does this retrograde have in store for us? Apparently when Mercury decides to go retrograde this leads to confusion, frustration, setbacks, and forgetfulness. This troublesome retrograde does not affect one specific zodiac sign, but instead takes pleasure in making all of us feel a bit out of it. What a jerk.

I first learned of this retrograde from my daily horoscope. My horoscope stated that by the end of this day I would be more than a little frustrated due to interruptions, cancellations or delays. Well, it’s only noon and I can’t tell if it’s due to looming finals, the unnaturally cold weather, or the overwhelming amounts of homework I need to do, but I already feel the affects of this gosh darn retrograde.

The best advice given when dealing with this pesky retrograde is try to find some kind of value in delays, plan your days very carefully, and always have backup plans just in case mercury’s retrograde rears its ugly head. I wish you the best of luck for the next three weeks, and remember if you forget or something goes wrong, it’s Mercury’s fault.

The Year of the Manatee
April 23, 2010

The Chinese zodiac is an astrological system, which assigns each year to an animal. The twelve chosen animals are then repeated once every twelve years. This year has the great honor of being a really cool animal, the Metal Tiger. I’ve never seen a Metal Tiger, but I bet it’s sweet.

Although 2010 was fortunate enough to get a cool animal to represent it, the previous years have not been as lucky (i.e. the snake or goat). In fact the only more intriguing animal the Chinese zodiac has to offer is the dragon. I might be biased because I was born during the year of the dragon but I think we can agree that if a dragon and a metal tiger were to get in a fight the dragon would prevail. Dragons can breath fire for crying out loud!

Despite the dragon and metal tiger the Chinese zodiac uses some pretty lame animals to represent an entire year. For instance, the rat. Who wants to be born in the year of the rat? Rats aren’t cool, cute, unique or doing anything special. Rats eat garbage, spread diseases and eat their young. Personally, if I were born in the year of the rat I would just lie and say the year of the monkey instead because everyone likes a monkey and they do funny stuff.

Another lame animal chosen by the Chinese is the rooster. The rooster is a step up from the rat but still doesn’t bring much to the table. All a rooster does is crow really early in the morning, eat some corn kernels, die, and then get eaten by humans. Sweet life…NOT. I think that if you are going to have a flightless bird represent an entire year it should be a penguin. At least penguins can slide on their bellies and swim really fast (I know this from “March of the Penguins”).

Although I enjoy dogs, rabbits, monkeys, goats, pigs and I suppose the occasional ox, I think Chinese astrologers could have been more creative when choosing animals. Why isn’t there the year of the kangaroo? Platypus? Or Unicorn? I would have loved to be born during the year of the Blue Footed Booby. Looks like you can’t win them all…

I Have No Friends
April 22, 2010

I live with seven other girls. I like to think we all get along, like one BIG happy family. Sure, we have our tiffs like when other people’s food mysteriously goes missing, or the stench of a mouse cage from a certain someone’s room invades the entire house. However, all of that is just water under the bridge and my main point is that we all get along. With that said, I began to ponder if our zodiac signs are also compatible with one another.

The combination of zodiac signs of my roommates are; two Cancers, two Scorpios, two Taurus, one Virgo and one lonesome Sagittarius (me).

As I read through each description of every sign (yeah, I know I need a life) it became apparent to me that they each suit their sign very well. For Taurus two traits were listed; stubbornness and like to be touched. I cannot think of any better characteristics to describe my two Taurus roommates. One of them thoroughly enjoys cuddling, holding hands, and foot high-fives, which I admit at times makes me uncomfortable. As for the other Taurus stubborn might as well be her middle name because she will do exactly what she wants.

As for my Cancer roommates they share the common bond of being sensitive (didn’t need an astrologer to tell me that one). However I must admit that with one being born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini they do possess a lot more Gemini traits than Cancer.

My lone Virgo roommate seems to be plagued with the trait of having a difficult time shaking off illnesses. This actually makes a lot of sense, seeing my roommate has had everything from gingivitis to pneumonia and has a file at health services thicker than a dictionary. Sorry Kitty, it’s your sign’s fault.

Lastly my Scorpio amigos both share the trait of striving for excellence. I really cannot think of two people who enjoy school more or work harder. I mean one was recently crowned “Queen of the Library”. My roommates may have been the ones to christen her that, but it is still a huge honor nonetheless.

As I read about each sign I noticed that listed under their compatible signs Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, and Taurus were always listed, but not Sagittarius. How pecular… Then when I read mine none of their signs were listed either. All of a sudden it dawned on me all those so – called “jokes” they play or the game “Kill Caitlyn” is not out of good clean fun, it’s because they are astrologically predetermined to not like me!

With that said, I am currently looking for a new place to live preferably with a Leo, Libra or Aries.

Feelin’ Light & Airy
April 22, 2010

Today my horoscope stated: “You are feeling light and airy, but the people around you might be taking things way too seriously. See if you can cheer them up”. I may not necessarily feel “light” or “airy” at the moment but I do feel compelled share something that might make someone a little bit happier. So here ya’ go!

Fun Astrology Facts!
April 21, 2010

Here are some random facts about astrology you can bust out next time you are trying to impress someone important.

  • 75% of horoscope readers are women.
  • 1/3 of Americans believe in astrology (executives and professionals are the fastest growing group of believers).
  • After Pres. Ronald Regan bit a bullet his wife Nancy, hired an astrologer to forecast their future.
  • The most famous astrologer, Nostradamus, predicted the World War II, the assassination of Pres. Kennedy and the attack on the World Trade Center. Impressive stuff, I’d say.
  • Zodiac was originally used as an agricultural calendar for sowing and harvesting crops.
  • The Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Science in Seattle, Washington is the first institution in the western hemisphere to offer a BA or MA in Astrological studies.
  • The words “astrology” and “horoscope” were the most searched topics on the Internet in 1999 (probably had something to do with everyone thinking the world was going to end in the year 2000).
  • Americans spend $100 million a year on astrology.
  • Adolf Hitler is thought to have used an astrologer throughout World War II.
  • German astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin in 1924 was given Hitler’s birth chart and accurately predicted he would one day become a tyrant. (talk about a red flag).

    This Is The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius!
    April 20, 2010

    I was listening to the classic song “Age of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension, as I danced and sang along it occurred to me that I had no idea what the actual “Age of Aquarius” was. I always just assumed it was something the lead singer conjured up while he was smoking the “wacky weed” (it was the 60’s after all). However after I quick trip to I learned that the 5th Dimension is only responsible for creating a catchy tune about this astrological era.

    The “Age of Aquarius” is the current astrological cycle and lasts for 2,150 years, which is kind of upsetting because I was really hoping to see the “Age of Sagittarius” in my lifetime. Foiled again! It is often said by astrologists that each astrological age correlates with the rise and falls of civilizations and cultural tendencies. The Aquarian era, which is believed to have begun in 1962 represents a “new age” and is commonly associated with barefoot, hemp-loving hippies. The Aquarius age rules electricity, philanthropy, computers, flight, democracy, modernization, rebellion, nonconformity, irresolution and idealists. There indeed is a correlation with the events (i.e. the Internet boom, wars, and the fight to legalize gay marriage) that have occurred over the past decades and the characteristics of the “Age of Aquarius”, however I am not totally sold based on the likelihood that someone who is from the Aquarius age wrote about it.

    Despite my doubts about the age’s characteristics I believe it is the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius”, I just kind of wish it was the “Age of Sagittarius”.

    April 14, 2010

    Last week I found myself wondering mindlessly around Urban Outfitters trying to find some kind of distraction from the physical pain I was enduring because I couldn’t buy anything. I was about to just go wait in the car when all of a sudden a book displayed on a table caught my eye. This book was entitled “Darkside Zodiac” so naturally I picked it up and began to page through it. “Darkside Zodiac” by Stella Hyde is essentially a book that exposes all of the bad traits each sign has. It’s very amusing and only mildly insulting but at the same time pretty accurate. It also covers everything from personality quirks to ruling planets and elements in a language that a five-year-old can comprehend. So next time you find yourself in an Urban Outfitters with no money check out “Darkside Zodiac”, it’s 400 pages describing why you are lame but excusing your lameness because of your zodiac sign.

    Fool Proof Pick-Up
    April 14, 2010

    Pick-up line; the art of wooing the opposite sex.

    To be more realistic, defines a pick-up line as “ a one-line come on that can sometimes be effective, but usually comes off as cheesy and stupid”. Yes, it is true most pick-up lines used these days are cheesy and indeed stupid.

    I began to think about this issue a couple weeks ago when my home-girlz and I were having a deep, philosophical conversation about pick-up lines. When the classic, cliché line “what’s your sign” was mentioned, we all thought for a minute and then concluded that as corny and dated that line is, it would definitely get each of us talking. I understand that my three imaginary friends cannot account for everyone but just listen to my reasoning because it’s good.

    I know when one hears “hey, what’s your sign?” you usually think of a middle-aged man trying to recapture his youth by hitting up a trendy bar, wearing his swankiest of swanky clothing (i.e. Austin Powers), either has a ponytail or absurdly slicked back hair, and has at least one ear pierced (ya know, because that’s what the kids are doing these days). Despite the disturbing scenario I just depicted in your mind, this pick up line has the potential to be used by all ages.

    Firstly, asking what someone’s sign is can save you from wasting valuable time. For instance if I were to approach someone and ask them what their sign is and they answer Capricorn, I would know right away that it would not be a match because a Capricorns is far too conservative for a Sagittarius’s liking. If I didn’t ask that question I would have wasted approximately 15 minutes of my time debating if I liked that person or not, which could have been spent wikipedia’ing former child stars of the 1990’s.

    Secondly, this pick up line is basic, not confusing and cannot offend anyone. Now days people seem to be getting more creative and weirder with pick up lines. I once had someone inform me that if I were to make myself a Nintendo Wii character, it would be beautiful. This would be an example of a weird pick up line. I suppose it could work on someone who is in to the whole Jimmy Neutron-meets-Pokemon-look, however the general public is not. My point is if people just stuck with basic, straight-to-the point pick up lines there would be a lot less slaps in the face and restraining orders.

    Finally by using the line “what’s your sign” even if the other person thinks it’s cheesy, you still will most likely get a hearty chuckle from them because of the connotation it brings, and generally after the laughter has subsided a conversation will ensue.

    In conclusion I encourage you to give the line “what’s your sign?” a whirl. What’s the worst that can happen? (besides the fact you might get stuck talking to me).